Laura Victore
Jack's Bubbles Grey MareOn the Bit Leo DancingOn the Lunge LineBright Shining Star DakotaExhibit at TwoWall Gallery Exhibit at TwoWall Gallery 
Falls Village, CT OutstandingThe Captive Horse
Equestrian Paintings
Laura Victore is a contemporary artist adding into her Catalogue raisonné her own exploration of Art History's Equestrian Painting.

She is a horse owner and rider whose work represents the perpetual shift in the Idyllic Barn.

Says Ms. Victore, “Certainly, owning and riding is hard work, one which requires tenderness, attention to detail and a deep appreciation for the most amazing animal. These gentle giants make a connection to humans unlike any other. The barn is an oasis of respite, a place where the whole modern world of technology and rapid response has no reason to exist. Upon entering the barn, one needs to excel at being in the moment, having a feel of your surroundings and reacting with proper instinct. All of these same factors come into play within my studio practice as well; it takes a deep respect for the each horse and their caregivers to understand how to translate the imagery of this special kind of relationship into a painting.”