Laura Victore
As a draftsman, I design and invent portable players that will have an extended life, because I am interested in their ability to play something like a film loop to last on into infinity. The players are meant to hold onto our memories, much in the way a computer chip holds files. I design these players or container objects in a virtual world and I use the tools of industrial designers.

As a navigator, I create the universe for the players by referencing my own photographs of the earth taken from aerial viewpoints. Using animation software, I stage the units into a hover-like placement. These units are protective, similar to reliquaries which reside inside of places of worship. Instead of holding bone or hair, they hold banal memories of our everyday lives.

In the final stages of production, the images are “finished” in the studio. The artworks are tooled from an expansive list of materials: graphite on paper, oil on linen, and digital prints on aluminum. 3-D sculptures are made from fused glass, welded steel, granite or plastics created by 3-D computer printers.

The 2-D and 3-D works are exhibited together they often take on a science museum-type styling in the final installation.