Laura Victore
FRAMMENTI SENZA TEMPO (Timeless Fragments) FESTIVAL of Visual, Sound and Performing Arts Curated by Dores Sacquegna Palazzo Granafei-Nervegna, Via Duomo, 20 Brindisi, Italy From 2017 December 7th to 2018 January 8th
FRAMMENTI SENZA TEMPO (Timeless Fragments)
FESTIVAL of Visual, Sound and Performing Arts
Curated by Dores Sacquegna
Palazzo Granafei-Nervegna, Via Duomo, 20 Brindisi, Italy
From 2017 December 7th to 2018 January 8th
Opening Day: Thursday 7th December at 18,00pm

Timeless fragments: chromatic vibrations between water and earth – whose title is borrowed from fragments and archaeological finds in the city of Brindisi, the venue of the event – is a FESTIVAL of Visual, Sound and Performing Arts, that wants to make sense of detail in its uniqueness, recalling the places of “universal synergies” and the relationship between “identity and territory”. About 60 national and international artists have been invited to dialogue with the city and the space that hosts them.
The Festival – promoted by Primo Piano LivinGallery and curated by Dores Sacquegna – has as institutional partner the Municipality of Brindisi, and as a cultural partner the Cact Center of Arts, Culture and Tourism, Department of the Atlantic Museum of the Island of Lanzarote in Spain. Artists from all over the world show thier works and projects: From Europe, Asia, Middle East, Russia, USA, in synergy dialogue with the Puglia’s Region.

The Festival opens with three unprecedented performances of experimental theater and sound art: by Apulian artists Massimiliano Manieri (in collaboration with the performer artist Michaela Stifani and the musician Max Nocco) and by American performer Jeannette Joy Harris. See about them here

The Festival is divided into three sessions of which: “LANDGRAPHIE”, “RITUAL ROOMS”, and “3D PROJECT ROOM”, all of them, crosses unstable territories, launches new challenges, proposes different points of view, dialogue with the social. The project manifests itself, as a concrete sign of a constantly changing society, through divergent dynamism of thought, works that carry the visitor into new imaginative connections.

The “LANDGRAPHIE” session is dedicated to Land Art and hosts unpublished videos and projects of some of the most interesting contemporary land-artists including: Christo & Jeanne-Claude, Craig Dongoski, Pam Longobardi, Ulrike Arnold. In NATIONAL PREVIEW, the whole project of videos titled “SILSILA” by Iraqi Sama Alshaibi and the film “UNDER WATER SCULPTURE” by the British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, worldwide know for his monumental sculptures in the marine parks and, for an incredible coincidence, somehow recalls archaeological finds in the waters of Brindisi. Both films were presented in part in the recent Venice Biennale.

“RITUAL ROOMS” is the session dedicated to contemporary visual arts. In the “Energy Rooms” with universal themes, the following artists are exhibited: Giulio De Mitri, Fernando De Filippi, Gino Fossali, Sonia Giavitto, Joseph Provan and Marianna Rydvald. Between “Identity and Territory“, artists include: Michele Giangrande, Angioletta De Nitto, Andy Artyuhin, Marc Brousse, Dores Sacquegna, Jordi Rosado, Maria Antonietta Scaringella, Evgeniya Strygina, Laura Victore, Ten Wolde, Beatrice Desrousseaux, Margarita Henriksoon, Paulina Sierra Salazar, Pam Longobardi, Alina Lutaeva, Paolo Cervino, Marina Kabisova & Asya Rilova, Galina Khandova, Coral Fafiani, Maria Luisa Imperiali, Sandra Miranda Pattin, Katarina Norling, Donato Bruno Leo, Fides Linien, Julia Skinner, Guarnieri, Vito Sardano.

The “3D PROJECT ROOM” section, is a virtual platform for unpublished projects and houses the works by Rosa Cruglez Sternmann, Teresa Olabuenaga; Viktoria Isaulova, Elena Klyueva & Maxime Rybalko, Vladimir Kulikov & Natalia Kulikova, Veronika Litvin, Vitaliy Maksimenko, Gerard Frances And Andria Santorelli, Pep Manresa, Christel Sobke, Andrea Vargas, Cynthia Ruse, Stuart Ross Snider, Marianna Bartolomeo, Monte Wright.
Crypt Gallery
My art will be exhibited at the Crypt Gallery in London in 2015:
About the Crypt Gallery:
The curator is James Treagus. The show is based around the exploration of communication technology and the affect it has upon society. The works will be included in a group show with several other artists:
Garvin Nolte ( Crossroads (what to do) (
Alvaro Cassinelli (
James Bridle ( Dronestagram (
Adam Martinakis (
NONOTAK Studio ( Daydream (
Francesco Tacchini (
Will Yates-Johnson (
Julinka Ebhardt ( )
John Jackson (
Stanislav Istratov (
Mark Dotzler (
Contemporary Art
The imagined and painted vision of a future (almost) perfect
International exhibition in Italy
OUR FUTURE IMAGINED:La visione immaginata e dipinta,di un futuro (quasi) perfetto
from 20/10/2012 to 17/11/2012
FORM and CONTEXT Exhibit
curated by Laura Victore

Gallery inside the Social Science Building
(Building #154, Room 137)
Savannah State University
3219 College St.
Savannah, GA
October 8th - November 10th
Gallery Talk by Curator: Laura Victore at 5pm
Opening Reception on Oct 14th, 6-8pm

The exhibit represents a group of emerging and established artists, primarily those whose studio practice reflects
a cutting-edge voice and clear statement about today's human condition.
Our primary emphasis is to help the gallery visitor to create a connection to a particular visual art
FORM through the awareness of the C O N T E X T from which the artist has created the work. and features works by:

Beth Baronian
Anne Bessac
Daniel Bonnell
Carlos Antonio Colon
Rachel Evans
Suzanne Jackson
Stephen Knudsen
Blazo Kovacervic
Daniel Liegey
Charmine C. Ortiz
Steve Schetski
Andrew F. Scott
Wendell R. Smith
Kinte Taylor-Steverson
Matt Toole
Laura Victore
Napoleon Wilkerson

Exhibiting at the DeVos Center in Grand Rapids, MI
Please check out my proposal for work to be displayed during ArtPrize

What is ArtPrize?
In its third year, ArtPrize® has become an unexpected phenomenon. Part arts festival, part social experiment, part civic project, the event overtakes an entire city bringing visitors in the hundreds of thousands.

Unlike any other event, ArtPrize gives away the largest cash prize for an art competition--$250,000 to the winner, $484,000 total. The winner is decided solely by a public vote. Venues and artists register and find each other through (ArtPrize organizers do not pick any artists to exhibit.)

Designed as a new kind of event, ArtPrize is a platform on which artists can experiment, collaborate, and explore new ideas.
PechaKucha Night

appearing at
PechaKucha Night Volume 8
on Sunday May 22,
2011 to be held at MUSE Arts Warehouse,
located at 703D Louisville Road
PechaKucha Night
starts at 8:00 PM and
each presenter will show
20 slides for
20 seconds apiece.

RSVP at Thinc Art, Savannah, GA
RSVP, is an invitational response-based group exhibition co-curated by Rubi McGrory and Jamie Kutner. The chain of visual response began with a single photograph, chosen by ThincSavannah founder Ashley Bowersox. A group of five artists were asked to respond to this photograph by creating a piece of art in their chosen medium. That response could be based on theme, color, content, form, or however the artist chose to interpret the image. Upon completion, each artist passed their piece to one artist in the subsequent group. In turn, the second group responded to the previous group’s completed artwork. This process was repeated a total of four times to produce the final 20 works on display in the exhibition. The participating artists are:

Joemy Buschur
Heath Ritch
Heather Deyling
Christine Sajecki
Andrea Gray Harper
Todd Schroeder
Elsie Taliaferro Hill
Ben Stanley
Chad Hoover
Ellen Susan
Richard Leo Johnson
Shawn Turner
T.S. Kist
Stephanie Usery
Jamie Kutner
Laura Victore
Olivia Levadas
Audrey Wagner
Rubi McGrory
Kay Wolfersperger

RSVP opens at Thinc Art on March 31, 6:00 – 8:30 pm,
and runs through June 3, 2011
FORM and CONTEXT Gallery
FORM and CONTEXT Gallery
200 North Hamilton St
High Point, NC 27260

Exhibiting at The High Point Market- April 2nd-7th 2011
FORM and C O N T E X T Gallery was started by Laura Victore an artist and MFA graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design. The gallery represents emerging and established artists, primarily those whose studio practice reflects a cutting-edge voice and clear statement about today's human condition.

Our primary emphasis is to introduce our clients to the contemporary art world and encourage them to start collecting art by feeling a connection to a particular visual art FORM through the awareness of the C O N T E X T from which the artist has created the work.
Wide Open 2
BWAC: Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition
The BWAC exhibition space is located at
499 Van Brunt Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn, 11231,
in the warehouse overlooking the Statue of Liberty at the Pier

Gallery Exhibition Dates: March 12 – 27, 2011 weekends 11-4 P.M.
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 12, 2011 from 1-6 P.M.

The broad theme of “Wide Open 2”
encompasses all the possibilities of
knowledge and freedom and love …
wide open spaces…
arms wide open…
eyes wide open…
but as with all things,
there is the inevitable opposite…
wide open to attack …
corruption …
What kind of fantasy is this?
What does it really indicate?
This juried show looks to explore this idea of “wide open”
in all the hidden niches of our collective psyche

BWAC’s 25,000 square foot gallery is in a warehouse on the Red Hook waterfront. The vista of New York Harbor, spanning the Statue of Liberty to the Verrazano Bridge is one of the best in the city. Our 18,000 annual visitors also enjoy the nearby restaurants, bars, and Fairway Market.
The Natural World
The Natural World: will be on display in the Center's online gallery and physical gallery from December 3 - 31, 2010 with artists' and public reception on December 3 from 6-9pm.
curator: Susan Spirtus

The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO
400 N College Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80524-2409
* Phone: (970) 224-1010

The natural world can be seen from the subatomic to the cosmic. It can be raw, powerful, serene, destructive, fertile and delicate. This exhibition will illustrate all aspects of nature.
JUROR:Susan SpiritusSusan Spiritus is the director of Susan Spiritus Gallery in Newport Beach, California. Susan Spiritus has been a leader in the field of fine art photography for over thirty years, opening the doors to her Southern California gallery in 1976 so that she could share her passion for photography with others.

for more information go to:
Telfair Art Fair Savannah, GA
NOVEMBER 12- 14, 2010

Telfair Art Fair, one of Savannah’s most popular fall events! Held under a large, lighted tent adjacent to historic Telfair Square, the 2010 Art Fair is free and open to the public throughout the weekend. The annual event showcases a variety of original art for sale.
Weather and Atmosphere
Weather and Atmosphere, Caladan Gallery, Boston, MA

The source of the original drama - movement, exhilaration - the atmosphere is affected by weather and the weather by the atmosphere. It is a constant awakening of the elements, changing, combining to produce storms, blue sky, wind, rain, snow - all as finite and infinite as constant evolution can be. The focus tends to be on movement and a great deal of energy, whether it be tempestuous, awe-inspiring, or even calming. It is chemistry in the macrocosm, action and reaction, visually attainable. We are involved by chance or otherwise.

LAURA VICTORE, Savannah, GA Solo Exhibition Award Winner
"The contrast of natural form and machine is beautifully executed in these images by Laura Victore. We are reminded of the fact that machinery was actually designed and that design and function are interchangeable. One is immediately struck by the visual components of these images, but as a secondary consideration, we wonder of this function; where the subject is going, what its purpose is. The organic and the human-generated are separated only by time."

For more information go to:
ARTPRIZE: Grand Rapids Michigan
for more information, go to:

About ArtPrize®

Designed as a very different art competition, the goal is for the general public and artists to collide, exchange ideas and come away changed.

Grand Rapids, MI USA

September 22 - October 10

* $449,000 prize ($250,000 to 1st place)

My work will be exhibited at:
Riverview Center
678 Front Ave
Grand Rapids

Riverview Center is a four story 200,000 sq/ft historic building that was originally built by the RC Allen Company in the early 1900’s for the manufacture of mechanical calculators. Located just north of the Fish Ladder Park and just south of the prominent Sixth Street Bridge, it is situated right on the banks of the Grand River with over 1,500 feet of frontage along the Downtown River Walk. The property also is highly visible from both the 131 and I-196 expressways with over 200,000 cars passing by each day, and it benefits from an abundance of free on-site parking, which is quite rare in the downtown area.

Riverview’s exceptional visibility and Grand River frontage lends itself to exterior installments either along the River or around (or on) the building. We also many nice corridors and vacant suites that should help showcase our artist’s work.
For Immediate Release: Laura Victore
A Beautiful Demise
an MFA Thesis Exhibit by
Savannah College of Art and Design’s MFA Candidate
Laura Victore
Té / Dät Gallery
1813 Bull Street / Savannah, GA 31401
north of 35th St. (across from Arnold Hall)
Opening Reception May 20th, 2010
Thursday Night: 6 - 9 pm Artist’s Talk on Friday 1-2 pm May 21st
on exhibit through May 27th

From: Laura Victore

A Beautiful Demise

The works in this series focus on imagined reliquary objects which float above mercurial water and scarred land masses. The images depict the Earth devoid of human life. My thoughts of the pattern of peril for the human condition are presented as an ephemeral time and space conundrum, and the vessels paradoxically emerge and dissolve within the fog-laden atmosphere.

The objects which appear to hover in orbit, reinforce the concept of our disconnect with our planet, thus creating an awareness of the ability of Earth to sustain life within a limited time frame. I choose to investigate the topic of the Earth devoid of humans, through the artists’ traditional materials such as drawings on paper, brush, rag and pigment. In contrast, I have developed works in materials such as computer generated imagery printed in ink on aluminum and three dimensional computer fabrications.

I use my own photography to give the work a fixed reality and to position the central reliquary objects. The objects are invented through the tools that industrial designers use.

I use three-dimensional computer programs to animate, fabricate and navigate my thoughts through this futuristic landscape. The surfaces of the vessels are alternately reflective and metallic or ancient and stone-like. The sfumato-type backgrounds, viewed from high above Earth's surface, create a sense of an uncomfortable place to set foot or take root.

For the paintings, I apply paint in layers, burnishing the canvas between each color, thus changing its character. This technique brings attention to the tactile surface of oil paint on the linen support, and emphasizes the human touch with which these works were formed. The qualities imbued in the printed works on aluminum and the computer generated sculptures brings the very technology which has altered the Earth over time, into play.

The transference of data to the robotic hand removes the human touch. And the removal of the human touch allows for a connection to the philosophical thought about how identity remains on the manufactured relic.

Although these images and atmospheric transitions are rendered differently in each media, I intend to attract the viewer close to the surface, at which point the viewer's peripheral view is filled by the landscape. This very task provides the viewer the ability to imagine that he or she is inside the vessel. The scale of each work provides an intimate view of the sublime idea of an individual trying to find place and meaning in a measureless universe.

Laura Victore is an MFA Painting graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She was born in NYC and lives in Savannah, GA. Her studio practice involves researching concepts of a future planet Earth and invented reliquaries which have been left behind. She combines images of aerial viewpoints with satellite-type objects to create sculptures, paintings and surrealistic photographs.

As a Teacher Specialist in Visual Arts, for the Savannah Chatham County Public School System, Ms. Victore’s teaching methods and philosophies are well known in Savannah and she is currently working as an arts advocate for young artists. She writes curricula and works to assist art teachers to develop best practices in instruction.

Her paintings and sculptures have been exhibited in Colorado, Michigan, New York, Connecticut, South Carolina and Georgia. She is greatly inspired by the vast landscape and richness of Savannah, a coastal/industrial city. Her paintings narrate a concern for the inhabitants of a landscape rich in history, industry and the ever changing natural beauty of the rivers and marshlands.